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Parenting Or Motherhood Discussion

Young Mothers Also Provide Motherhood Discussion To Empower Any Young Mother.

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YMSG Mothers
Capacity Building

YMSG also build capacity to any young mother

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psychological support ymsg
Psychological Support

We don't support young mothers with money only but also psychological

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Healthy Engagements

We also make sure that young mothers are protected and safe from any infections

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Offering Support System

Its is our job to provide support system to young mothers of ages 12-25 yrs.

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YMSG Manicure
Economic Empowerment or Skills Development

We empower young mothers and teach them skills so that they may use them to earn a living.

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YMSG is supporting young mothers and adolescents girls in ensuring engagements in care to support life-long medication adherence and viral suppression. We are finding opportunities to improve engagements both between testing and treatment and to support re-engagements in care for those in a treatment includes young mothers and adolescent girls who know their HIV status and people who do not know their status.